Palmer Eye Associates - Dysfunctional


Received eye care and glasses through this company.The optometrist is great but the rest of the staff is horrible.

I ordered glasses through them and the lenses came from the lab with dots inside of each and scratches. I brought them back to serviced and after waiting in the waiting room for a while was told to leave them.. I got upset and walked out. OK...So I had my wife take them in because I need them at night.

They didn't ask her who she was. She was told it was hair spray and, low and behold, was told they dots were gone. My wife took them back and held them to the light and saw the same two dots..

I have washed my hands with them.They really need to get their S**T together.



The worst place ever.Never answers the phone or messages.

Dean Wiley is the most rude and smug person I ever met. There are far better places to spend your money because there is no customer service here. I was there many years ago and had a wonderful experience...not so this time. Was curious to know why but Dean would not even talk to me.

When I said I would write a bad review, his response was "I'm looking forward to it." What is that all about?Run, run as fast as you can to another optician.

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #1248423

A friend recommended Palmer Eye Associates and my whole family goes there for exams contacts and glasses.We all love both doctor and optometrist.

They always assist to get us the best products and price...

even when it means getting the products somewhere else to save money.Excellent service!!!

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